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In my first night shift, a patient brought aprescription for "Saline 20 ml Dropper". Preparing a saline solution ina very busy night shift renders us in a difficult situation, besidesthe patients were growing impatient. In the Faculty of Pharmacy we hadbeen taught how to manufacture medicine; however we, as pharmacists,were only selling these medicines in our pharmacies rather thanmanufacturing them. The 'Saline 20 ml Dropper' prescription I worked onthat night - while the customer impatiently waited - made me take adecision that would change my life: I was going to manufacture medicineone day, and I would start with a saline in a bottle with a dropper.Yes, yes, I was going to manufacture MEDICINE. That night were laid thefoundations of BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS and BERKO-FIZ, which is the FIRSTsaline dropper in Turkey. BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS initiallystarted its operations under the name of BERAN LABORATORY in Diyarbakir.A few years later, in 1984, BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS was founded inIstanbul. BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS, which initially produced a galenicpreparation, soon started to manufacture therapeutic medicines in itsown production facility. In the early 2000's, BERKOPHARMACEUTICALS started licensing new pharmaceuticals needed in Turkey.Consequently, various forms of zinc-containing ZINCO-branded productswere offered for the benefit of Turkish Medicine. Around that time, anagency agreement was signed with the Italian GANASSINI company, andsubsequently the importation and distribution of the Ear-Nose-Throatspecific medicines, TONIMER line, were initiated. BERKOPHARMACEUTICALS founded its own production facilities early in 2004,and has come to produce a wide product range of ground breakingmedicine, all of which, with the exceptions of a few imports, itproduces itself in its own modern production facilities. BERKOPHARMACEUTICALS continues to offer both new and existing high-demandedbrands to the pediatric market. BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS' new high-tech facility started production in 2009. Production by Advanced Technology BERKOPHARMACEUTICALS' new production facility in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, isdesigned to produce licensed medicines under the supervision of theMinistry of Health, Republic of Turkey. The 5000 m2 indoor facility wasdesigned in accordance with all relevant GMP requirements. Both thebuilding and the inner equipment -machine park and laboratory- of thisfactory were constructed by the latest technology. Our liquidmanufacturing capacity under normal working conditions is 6,500,000boxes per year for syrups; 6,500,000 boxes per year for drops; and8,000,000 boxes per year for solid medicines. BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS aims to manufacture only products that will always be in demand, while continuing to break new grounds. BERKO PHARMACEUTICALS never forgot where it came from, nor the paths ittook to grow. And we know where we are going. Today we are celebratingour twenty sixth year, from 1984 to 2010... We are proud of the moderncentral buildings we now occupy. We manufacture most of our medicines atour custom-built modern plants. With our mobile sales team of150 representatives across Turkey, our head office team of 42 peopleand our 90 plant employees, together we are proud to serve our public. Our 25-year experienced company will continue to work for a "healthy future" for everyone.

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